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  • VFX & Matte Painting

    VFX & Matte Painting

    Find the right image. Save time and deliver quality.

  • Games & VR Worlds

    Games & VR Worlds

    Build amazing realistic worlds with HD images!

  • Concept Art

    Concept Art

    Get inspired for your next concept work.

  • Arch-Viz

    Architectural Visualization

    Stunning skies you can print as big as you want.

For Artist, By Artists

For Artists,
By Artists.

MattePaint was borne of the frustration of not easily finding images for film. We believe all artists should take their own reference, MattePaint is here to give that reference back to the community. Photography taken by artists, for artists.

Unrivaled Quality

Quality &

Tired of searching through unusable images or dealing with copyright? Images too dark or bright? We ensure every image is top notch. We shoot and store everything in multiple exposures - no more clamped values! Once downloaded the image is yours to use in your work.

37K+ Photos
20K+ Resolution
100+ Megapixels
Time = Money

Time = Money.

Stop wasting time searching in the wrong places. We make sure every image is suited for production. We are on a mission to help artists and studios save time and focus on being creative.

  • Photo Shoot

    Photo Shoot

    Location panoramic shots in 5 exposures.

  • Image Quality

    Image Quality

    HD resolution, multiple exposure values, minimum grain and blur.

  • Image Selection

    Image Selection

    Growing library of 37,000+ production quality images.

  • RAW format

    RAW Format

    RAW / HDR formats even for panorama images.

  • Search Tools

    Search Tools

    Search powered by machine learning, popular categories and filters.

  • Download Options

    Download Options

    Select your resolutions and exposure.

Nicolas Plazannet
Nicolas PlazannetMatte Painter
MattePaint is a must-have tool if you want to work faster.
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