Academy Levels have been introduced to allow for tiered Content in the Academy to help us to bring bigger and better content to our Loyal Subscribers.  

From August 1st 2020 all MattePaint Academy Tutorials will be locked behind a level ranging from 1-6. Videos can be unlocked by MattePaint Subscribers of the equivalent or higher Level.  Once you have Unlocked a Video it will remain unlocked on your Account. Your Academy Level will be displayed in the top-right hand corner of the website.

Any Tutorial released before 1st June 2020 will be kept at Level 1. Future Tutorials will be released with a level ranging from 1 - 6.

How Do I gain Academy Levels?

Levels are gained for each month that you are Subscribed to MattePaint as a Plus and Pro Subscriber.  Plus Subscribers will gain 1 Level per month and Pro Subscribers will gain 2 Levels per month.  

Artist Lite Subscribers do not gain Levels each month and will only be able to Unlock Level 1 Videos.

Can I unlock a Tutorial with Credits?

Yes, Tutorials can be unlocked by all Subscribers with Credits and will cost 200 Credits per level to Unlock.

Can I purchase additional credits?

Yes, the purchase price is determined by your Subscription. If you pay for a yearly subscription, your credit purchase price is determined by the calculated monthly cost of your subscription meaning you will pay less than a regular Monthly Subscription of that same level.

I have an Artist-Lite subscription, how else can I unlock a Tutorial?

We also give all subscribers a 1-time use "Golden Ticket" that can be used to unlock any tutorial on the site that is level 2 and above. If you do not want to purchase credits and remain on Artist-Lite, additional Golden Tickets can be acquired via our Community Challenges.

Can I unlock a Tutorial without a Subscription?

No, you must have an active subscription to watch Academy Tutorials.

Can I watch an unlocked Tutorial after my Subscription ends?

Yes, once the tutorial is unlocked you can come back at anytime to watch.

Do I lose my level if I cancel my Subscription?

No, your level will always stay with your account. Even if you downgrade your subscription or purchase a lower-tier subscription in the future.

How do I find my Academy Level?

Your Academy Level will be displayed in the top-right hand corner of the website.